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AGRICOLA SIEMEL, company founded in the year 1985 is dedicated to produce this extraordinary Pecorino Cheese.

The factory named ESTANCIA BAÑO NUEVO has almost 120,000 acres and it is located in the Aysen region, part of the Chilean Patagonia. Estancia Baño Nuevo produces in a totally natural environment, due to its location and natural ecologic conditions, unique products for its type and quality.

The enzyme used as a coagulant is CHY-MAX M, vegetable cheese coagulant suitable for all cheese types, and has already proven its excellent performance in continenta, pasta filata and cheddar cheese tyoes. CHY-MAX M is Kosher, Halal and suitable for vegetarians.

- Produced a 100% with sheep Milk ONLY

- Our sheep are solely grass-fed all year round

- With more than 120,000 acres of grazing allowing great nutrition for our sheep

- Due to our milking methods, we only produce 500cc of milk daily, reassuring it's quality

- No salt is added nor needed, pure organic flavor. 

- All of these combined plus being aged for at least 18 months, is allowing us to bring you a unique top of the line: pecorino cheese. 

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