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Monovarietal from Spain, grown

in Chilean soil 

A smooth and gentle oil, apt for use with all types of food due to its balance and harmony. It presents a medium fruitiness, of pleasant and fresh vegetal aroma, with green apple and almond notes. With a low bitterness and low short spice, it does not linger, this variety is agreeable for all kinds of consumers. It emphasizes and accompanies the original flavors of food.



An exquisite mixture of fine varieties originally from Spain and Italy. 


It presents with a perfect balance between bitter and spicy notes. It results in a harmonious flavor with a medium intensity and fresh fruity aroma that is unique to olives harvested at their peak.

It is a complex, intense oil with green notes on the nose and palate with sensations of freshly cut grass. It presents an intense pleasant fruitiness, with mild medium bitterness and medium spice, and short persistence.


500 ML



Monovarietal from Italian, very common in the Tuscany area. 


It presents an intense flavor and fruitiness with an elegant bitterness that subtly gives way to a spicy sensation, with the aroma of freshly cut grass and fresh fruits. In the mouth, notes of almond and pleasant sweetness, with a medium bitterness and an intense itching with good persistence. Its expressive flavor, with a higher heat, gives a slightly spicy sensation that contrasts with a pleasant almond and sweet aftertaste. On the nose, it evokes aromas of vegetables, freshly cut grass and fresh green fruit.


500 ML

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